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  • Sirya Siddiqui


Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Ever since I have discovered to travel solo, it has become my best friend. I think to start travelling solo was one of the best decisions I have made. It has changed a lot within me that I did not see it coming any other way.

I know its scary before you start. I know you will doubt yourself a lot whether you can do it or not. I know you will think if you can trust people out there. But for once if you go for it then you will be the happiest. And after you complete your first trip you will be surprised to see this side of yours.

Say hi to being independent

-Being a girl who always depended on her father for everything, it was obvious for me to depend on him or my friends to travel anywhere. And many times I have holded myself back from travelling just because no one was there to accompany me. Now I do not have to depend on anyone, I can just pack my bags & leave. There will be no option but you yourself will have to take all the decisions in your solo trip which will make you more independent & confident.

You will be more confident

-I was always aware of the other ways to boost confidence but this was the one way that I discovered on my own. When you see yourself doing those things that you never thought of doing it, you will feel happy about it & get confidence & thats how everything starts. Also when you travel solo you go through many challenges which brings you out with more confidence.

Jump out of your comfort zone

-This has to be one of my favourite reasons. When you travel solo at many places you do not have an option but to take that step & this is where you see yourself coming out of your comfort zone. Solo travel makes you do many things forcefully which ends up pulling you out of your comfort zone. Right from the adaptation to new environment to trying something new. In fact just living those days of your solo trip itself brings you out of your comfort zone since you are doing everything on your own.

Turning strangers into friends

-How often in our regular life do we become friends with strangers? Very rare right? When you travel solo you come back with bunch of strangers turned into friends.. You share those specific days of your life with these people. You end up making friends from different places, different fields, different cultures & so on. So its better if we take off the concept of solo travelling as a lonely trip. At the end they leave teaching you so much that you are gonna cherish it for life.

You will learn from your own mistakes

-With every new solo trip I have seen myself not repeating the same mistake that I made in my last trip. Like you come to know where to save money, what places you should stay, which route you should take & so on. Since all the decisions are made by you, you come to know what worked & what didn't. With time I also learned how to tackle the situations that I could not tackle it before.

Lets focus on yourself a little more

-In a solo trip you come to know so much about yourself that you will reach one more step ahead of knowing yourself or finding yourself better. This is the time when you are 'completely with yourself' and 'you being yourself' so you will end up discovering so many new things about yourself.

Put your trust out there

-Before my first solo trip it was very difficult for me to trust people outside my bubble and to trust strangers was like a big no no since I was never put up in this kind of situation before. But after few trips I felt that it was nothing like what I had in my head. Of course you should know whom to trust & whom to not but also don't hold yourself back. Put a little trust out there in the universe & it will be fine.

These were the few learnings from my solo trips, there are many more yet to come. I hope this gives you a little bit of courage to go for it if you have been planning for a solo trip. And do let me know about your learnings also. Would love to read them.


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