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  • Sirya Siddiqui


Updated: Mar 31, 2021

This is from a Mumbai girl to everyone who always prefers elevators over staircase like I always do. Our trek to Triund was not planned at all but it turned out to be the most unusual & .beautiful one. Our morning walk ended us taking to Triund.

Triund Trek is the most famous trek in Dharamshala. Triund is at the foot of the Dhauladhar ranges and is at a height of 2,828 m. And from the time I was planning my trip to Dharamshala I knew that I had to do this. So after we reached Dharamshala we had our trek to Triund planned on a specific date. But two days before the planned trek day we had planned our morning walk/hike to Flag Point but since we were already late, we decided to go to Magic View. And this is how our trek began. All of us just had 1 cup of tea & we left for Magic View with just the preparation of going for a morning walk. We started the trek from The Bunker Hostel in Upper Dharamkot.

We were accompanied by two of The Bunker Hostel hosts, so this was the best part that we had them to guide us. When we started climbing up to magic view we thought that we'll be there in another half an hour but no. Since we were beginners we took more time & halts & we were hungry too as we did not carry anything to eat. So make sure that you carry water bottles & snacks. But the view throughout the trek was worth everything.

The view while trekking were just worth everything. This was on our way to Magic view.

So finally after one & half hour we reached Magic View. And this place actually justified more then its name. The view was more than magical. You get maggi, tea, eggs & parathas to eat over here. So we had tea & maggi while soaking in the sun & ended up taking pictures & videos. We chilled here for almost 1 hour.

We had reached magic view & now it was time to get back to hostel but little did we knew that this was the half point of Triund. It means that if you have reached here you have already crossed half of the route to Triund. So only half of the route is left now. After we heard about this we were in dilemma about what to do? And after sometime we decided that we will go ahead & climb up to Triund since we have already completed the half way.

Then from here we started our 2nd half trek. But this time we had eaten & we had more energy. And after climbing for almost 2 hours we reached Triund. We did it despite of being a beginner & without any preparations. We just made sure to walk in our own speed & take halts wherever we needed. So in total it takes almost 3 hrs to trek to Triund from Upper Dharamkot, but again depending on your speed it might differ.

When I reached here I realised that my phone wallpaper which I had from months was of Triund & I did not had any idea about this. Though it was a picture of night sky of Triund but it was a dream come true for me. Again we had our favourite maggi & chai at top, enjoyed the view for sometime then we started our walk back to Bunker Hostel as we had to reach before sunset. This was the only drawback I feel that we could not spend much time at the top since it was already 4pm by the time we had reached. The weather was very soothing as it was not too cold nor too hot. People usually stay at the top but since we were not prepared & did not carry our stuff so we did not wanted to take chance of staying back. There are hotels at the top where you can stay. Its better if you book in advance. Camping is currently banned by the government. Also if you are planning to get down on the same day then its suggested to come down before sunset as it becomes difficult to walk & find routes in the dark. Also it was very cold while we were coming down but luckily we had our jackets that we carried for our morning walk & this saved us. And guess what you will witness the most magical sunset while getting down like we did.

And you can totally trek solo to Triund as the route is well explained. Triund is most crowded during weekend so its suggested to travel during weekday & we also ended up having our spontaneous trekking on a weekday only. At the end like everyone says unplanned things turn out to be the best so did this trek.

So when are you planning your trek to Triund? Or maybe a spontaneous one? You never know!


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