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Choose CHEAP MODE of transport to travel

I always had the fear of travelling solo in trains, buses & sharing taxis but gradually stopped fearing & this only happened because of solo travelling. And with this I also realised that you can save a lot of money by choosing cheap mode of transport.

The very first thing to avoid is taking expensive tickets. Firstly try to plan your trip in quiet advance. Choose cheap mode of transport like train, bus or sharing taxis if you are comfortable travelling in it. And be it any mode of transport if you book your tickets in advance then you can save a lot of money.

Also while booking tickets you can first compare the prices from different sources & then do your final booking.

Choose your stay at HOSTELS

I personally choose my stay at hostels every time I travel solo as its always fits in my budget & find it very friendly for a solo traveller like me. Just like your tickets, if you book your stay also well in advance then you will save a lot. Also many hostels are always looking for hostel hosts or volunteers, if you apply for this then you will be provided with free stay & food at the hostel just in exchange of certain amount of service at the hostel. Many solo travellers who are not piled up with work while travelling choose this option, where they can easily save the money of food & stay,

Avoid Unnecessary SHOPPING

We often shop a lot when we are travelling, as we don't know when we are going to be at that place next. I myself use to shop a lot initially but later on I started realising that I tend to waste a lot of money in this way & that is when I started thinking if I really need the thing that I am going to buy. In this way I started buying only what is necessary for me. This habit really helps you to save a lot of money.

Try more of LOCAL FOODS

As a solo traveller I have realised that when you are travelling solo it is very convinent for you to have food at your own space & at your own time. Like you can easliy have your meals outside you stay which will be cheaper for you. And nothing like trying out local food that will satisfy with the best taste.


This is the best way to save money as private transports are very expensive everywhere. Wherever you go you'll always find public transports. Also public transports are safer than private transport especially if you are travelling for hours.

These are the few ways that I have learnt in my journey. As my journey is expanding as a solo traveller I am learning more.

Let me know if you guys have any other way of saving money while travelling solo..

Happy Solo Travelling!


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